CLT Countdown

From late April to Mid September


Training Time & Place:

  • Time:
    Meet at 5:45 pm, workout starts at 6 pm (for both Tuesday and Wednesday night RBRs)
  • Place:
    Ellis Hollow Community Center on Genung Road, about 1/4 mile down from Ellis Hollow Rd on the right. Use the 2nd driveway entrance and park on the grass to the left.
  • Tuesday Night:
    Geared towards those who may want to ride and/or run at a more relaxed pace (and no official timing on Tuesday).
  • Wednesday Night:
    Timed. Results are posted weekly on the ITC list serve. Two volunteers are needed each week for timing and safety. Sign-up sheets will be available at the every workout.


In addition to the "Short Course" and "Standard Course" below, there is also a "long bike" - run option: 14.5 mile bike (including Ringwood Road - great hill) and any of the runs. You can also make any modifications to the above two courses that fit your needs!

Regular Course:

  • map itGenung to Ellis Hollow Creek (EHC). Right to Ellis Hollow (EH). Left on EH to Rt. 79. Right on 79 to Thomas Rd. Right on Thomas to EH. Right on EH to EHC. Left on EHC to Genung. Left on Genung to EHCC. (~11 miles)

Short Course:

  • map itSame as above to corner of EH and EHC. Carefully, turn around and return. (~5 miles)

Long Bike:

  • map it Same as before, except on the way back at corner of EH and EHC, turn right on EHC to Genung. (~14 miles)