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Volunteer Opportunities

Body Marking (Alex Kleinerman )
Sunday, August 4 — 5:30a-8:30a
Body markers are responsible for writing race numbers on competitors’ arms and legs.

Course Setup (John Hohm)
Saturday, July 31 — 8:00a-11:00a
Sunday, August 1 — 5:30a-9:00a
Help with transition zone setup, bike course, run course, swim course and traffic setup.  Distribute equipment to areas as needed. Work involves driving metal fence posts into the ground, installing fencing, assembling bike racks, driving wooden stakes, installing construction tape, placing directional signs.

Finish Line Race (Myriah Marnell)
Sunday, August 1 — 9:30a-12:30p
Assist racers at the finish line; remove timing chips, provide beverages, assist those needing help or medical attention.

Finish Line Set Up (Myriah Marnell)
Sunday, August 1 — 6:30a-8:30a
Set up finish line arch and chute, set up tables and stock with water and Gatorade

Kayak/SUP Safety Team (Chris Burnett-Wolle)
Sunday, August 1 — 6:30a-10:00a
Volunteers interested in the KSST need to email Chris at fit2bcsb@yahoo.com AND fill out the registration form. Please include the type of vessel you’ll paddle for the event, phone number, and paddling experience in your e-mail. KSST must be safety trained (wet exit, self and assisted rescue, and swimmer rescue), provide your own paddling and safety equipment, and attend an on-water training session prior to the event.

Race Break Down (John Hohm)
Sunday, August 1 — 11:00a-2:00p
Take down equipment used for Race, including fencing, bike racks. Organize equipment/supplies before loading onto truck/trailer. Load equipment onto trailers and trucks and help move to storage facility. Help to unload equipment.
Volunteers receive a Technical Race T-Shirt

Registration (Sheri Hall)
Sunday, August 1 — 6:00a-9:00a
Help set up registration (tables, chairs, Race packets), greet competitors (which requires some polite crowd control skills), check athlete IDs and hand out packets, water bottles, t-shirts, etc.

Registration-Kids’ Race (Sheri Hall)
Sunday, August 4 — 9:00a-11:30a
SOME HEAVY LIFTING REQUIRED. Help move registration (tables, chairs, Race packets) from the stage to the volunteer tent. Greet competitors (which requires some polite crowd control skills), check athlete IDs and hand out packets, water bottles, t-shirts, etc.

Run Course (Ofer Leshed)
Sunday, August 1 — 5:30a-8:00a
Sunday, August 1 — 7:30a-12:00p
Sunday, August 1 — 10:00a-1:00p
Run course volunteers will handle a variety of tasks. Saturday volunteers will help mark the course. Those arriving at 5:30 a.m. Sunday will pound stakes, string flagging and remain calm during pre-race set up. Run course volunteers starting at 7:30 a.m. Sunday will serve as course marshals during the race. Course marshals will be positioned along the run course where they will direct and encourage runners. Marshals may want to bring folding chairs, sunscreen and hats as they will be outside for several hours.

Run Course Sweep (Ofer Leshed)
Sunday, August 1 — 9:00a-1:00p
Sweep the run course after the last runner is finished.

Swim Course (Amelia Frye)
Sunday, August 1 — 7:00a-12:00p
Sunday, August 1 — 7:30a-11:00a
Assist Swim Coordinator with manning the radio and keeping in contact with the other coordinators.

Transition Zone Race Day (Karen Parkes)
Sunday, August 1 — 5:30a-1:30p
To volunteer for the T-zone on race day please e-mail Karen Parkes at karen@benjaminpeters.com or phone at 607 280-9725 if interested.

Transition Zone Setup (Karen Parkes)
Saturday, July 31 — 8:00a-11:00a
Set up of transition area includes the unloading of equipment from trucks, pounding stakes and setting up fencing, setting up and marking bike racks and preparing equipment for use on Sunday. Note: To volunteer for the T-zone on race day please e-mail karen@benjaminpeters.com, or signup for the 10 volunteer spots that don’t require contacting Karen.

Kid’s Race (Alex Kleinerman)
Sunday, August 1 — 11:30a-1:00pm
Help with set up, registration, course marshall, and clean up for the kids race. Please list your preference in the comments if you have one or contact Alex directly.