Thank You, 2021 Volunteers!

The Cayuga Lake Swim Run 2021 Race Crew sends a huge THANK YOU to all volunteers that showed up this year in unprecedented times and uncertain weather. Year after year, our athletes rave about the unparalleled knowledge and enthusiasm of our volunteers, and we are once again blown away by how effective and essential you are to the safe and successful operation of our race.  

These local teams showed up – one early morning and one in the rain!

  • Lansing Boys Soccer Team
    Coach Benji Parkes and Assistant Coach Trevor Coates
  • Ithaca High School Soccer Team
    Coach Kaitlyn Hoffay and Assistant Coach Jodi Maddren

Volunteers helped us on Saturday with all things pre-Course Setup and on Sunday, Race Day with Course Setup, Body Marking, Finish Line Setup and Race, Kid’s Registration and Race, Registration, Run Course Set and Marshals, Swim Course Setup, Kayakers and Counting Swimmers, Transition Zone Setup and Race Day Support, Serving Beer and Scooping Ice Cream and Course Break Down!

Louise Adie, Suzanne Aigen, Julie Albertson, Nancy Almann, Jennifer Anissi Kivisild, Dara Anissi, Susan Austern, Doug Binder, Ella Blomfield-Brown, Steve Burke, Dave Butera, Megan Butera, Rowan Caldwell, Joel Cisne, Trevor Coates, Tyler Collins, Phoebe Colvin, Robert Congdon, Ed Dawson, John Dennis, Brendon Dhameeth, Sydney Earls, Kenton Edwards, Deb Eichten, Maria Elena Elena Paz, Jack Emmick, Yarden Eynav, Anika Flagg, Rowan Fox, Carl Franck, Zsofia franck, Aaron Freemantle, Paul Freemantle, Brian Gallagher, Joe Galloway, Remy Germain, Sabrina Gerson, Lucy Getzin, Holley Gump, Amelia Habicht, John Hale, Ali Hartung, Kaden Haslinger, Cedar Hermanet, Katherine Herrada, Steve Hlywa, Kaitlyn Hoffay, Maya Honigbaum, Alex Infante, Karen, Tim and Eamon Ingall, Ronan Kennedy-Smith, Leslie Kinsland, Liz Klohmann, Cael, Riley, Torin, and Ebba Knapp, Anna Kotaska, Jennifer Kozlowski, Brian Lader, MaryKay LaLonde, Colin Larratt, Kate Lee, Mary Leonardo, John Leshinski, Laura Lewis, Alan Lockett, Jamie Loehr, Nancy Ada Lorr, Chet Lowrie, Bryan Ludgate, Lorie Lupo, Gwyn Lymberis, Jodi Maddren, Susan Mehringer, James Miner, Jim Miner, Stephanie Mulinos, Allison Myers, Randall Olson, Chelsea Parkes, Peter Parkes, Bode Petrich, Amelia Poplawski, Caroline Rasmussen, Devin Richardson, Dean Rigdon, Tobijas Rigdon, Rick Rogers, KC Ryan, Bethany Schiller, Kristina Schultz, Daniel Seewald, Lev Smialek, Tom Smith, Robert Sparks, Brian Streb, Janice Streb, Steve Sturdevant, Bob Talda, Lucyann Tappan, Ava Thomas, Mary Jo Thurber, Lila Travers, Craig Trowbridge, Maureen Trowbridge, Susanna Van Sant, Tomas Vence, Lynne Vrooman, Katie Walker, Don Webster, Wendy Weichert, Monica Wolff, David Wootton, Ally Zimar

We hope to see you again next year for the Swim-Bike-Run!

Your Thankful Race Crew
Alex, John, Andy, Benji, Chris, Doug, Karen, Mike, Michael, Monika, Myriah, Ofer, Sheri, Sheila

Many thanks to Eran Levy-Fix (@thisisIthaca, top photo), Steve Knapp (second photo), Ofer Leshed (third photo), and Elizabeth Dawson (remaining photos) for this gallery.